Windows Server 2019 Standard


  • A surprise for many enterprises that started to roll-out the Semi-Annual Channel versins of Windows Server 2016 was the lack of a GUI for those releases. The Semi-Annual Channel releases only supported ServerCore (and Nano) GUI-less configurations. With the LTSC release of Windows Server 2019, IT Pros will once again get their desktop GUI of Windows Server in addition to the GUI-less ServerCore and Nano releases.
  • Microsoft has continued to include built-in security functionality to help organizations address an Òexpect breachÓ model of security management. Rather than assuming firewalls along the perimeter of an enterprise will prevent any and all security compromises, Windows Server 2019 assumes servers and applications within the core of a datacenter have already been compromised.
  • Windows Server 2019 has a smaller, leaner ServerCore image that cuts virtual machine overhead by 50-80 percent. When an organization can get the same (or more) functionality in a significantly smaller image, the organization is able to lower costs and improve efficiencies in IT investments.
  • Built-in containers Develop and manage with agility thanks to Windows Server and Hyper-V containers. Cost-efficient storage Build highly available, scalable software-defined storage and reduce costs. Innovative networking Software-defined networking to automate with cloud-like efficiency.